In 1978 Lilian followed a study Art & Design (sculpture) at 
Padworth College (Reading) in England. Back in the Netherlands
she followed a study anatomy for the artist. She moved from Amsterdam to Zoetermeer
and joined the "Center for 
Art & Culture" where Lilian took lessons in portrait 
drawing/modeling, sculpture, ceramic design, pottery and 
Gradually she has developed a unique style.  Emotion in her images 
plays an important role, strong but also vulnerable. Human in all 
its aspects is a constant inspiration to her.

Member of  Terra Art Projects.
Member of  Atelier 1819

Lilian was seen in the NOS program "Your image of Beatrix" which was broadcast on 31 January 2013. 
Her statues were seen in the program "Hallo Holland " on RTL4 in 2014